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11 April 2031 @ 09:35 pm
Where I happily share my Fandom stories!

My posts are mostly friends-locked ^^

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19 August 2030 @ 01:13 am
I got another twitter account, mainly focused in my fangirling moments :D so do follow me, if you want X
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please comment here your username and I'll follow back!Thank you!
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22 April 2013 @ 12:54 pm

I used to dream of watching his solo con.. and in this tour,it came true :)
I was sitting in Arena :D The double encore was amazing.
Definitely Crayon and Fantastic Baby remix is my most fave song for this concert~
Also Obsession followed by She's Gone, was rly amazing.
I am still puzzled how his hair went from straight to reaaallly curly after he got drench in the rain props.. then before the concert ended He came back to a straight hair. His hair is just magic LOL

This entire con made me remind why I like G-Dragon as an artist.
He showed sides of him, that is different when he is in Bigbang.
Hopefully, someday he'll have his solo tour again.. and will have Japan dates again~
It was an awesome experience :)

幸せな一日^__^vCollapse )
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11 May 2011 @ 02:31 am

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10 May 2011 @ 11:02 pm

Beautiful, Flawless , Gorgeous, Perfect etc. ♥
Will be forever in love with this performance ~ cant beat the live atmosphere during con but even in dvd, that certain feeling keeps on coming back.. exactly what I felt when I was there few inches away from the stage. ;~; #imisstegomass

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29 October 2010 @ 12:51 am
There are some memories that will never be forgotten ~ ♥♥♥
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guess who's the girl at far left on the background? XDD

"It's been 3 years that I started to like this boy so much.
It's been 1095 days that Ive been admiring everything about him.
Smiling with him,singing with him, laughing with him&crying with him.
Thinking about him, flailing about him, & being just crazy about him.
Seeing him happily and passionately singing his heart during concerts always blows me away~
His smile, his cute dorky poses, his serious face, everything seems to be perfect in my eyes.
I love how he bends my emotion by just hearing him sing, by just hearing his laugh, or by just simply hearing his voice..
He gives me strength and power to fight with what reality gives me..
Unknowingly he taught me how to "BELIEVE".. 

Im so proud of him and will always be.."

as they say,
it's not always about beginnings... it's about who stays till the very end. :)

PS. happy birthday to hello_q  & kparadisek !!! Wishing you both all the best! Take care & Godbless !
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15 September 2010 @ 02:01 am
 To anyone who has a twitter come and party with us on twitter :)

I'll be tweeting lots for LIVE & Anniversary of NEWS :D

it's just been almost 3 years since I joined the NEWS fandom, but who cares?! I always believe that the being a fangirl doesnt count how many years you are in the fandom, but how you give support and love for them :)♥
standing tall, waiting for their comeback is all worth the wait :D being positive and believing in our boys !
(but still deep inside, I hope JE would do something from time to time)

For 9,8,6nin NEWS
For NEWS fans
For Tegomass fans
For particular member's fans
For fans who had wait patiently 
For the fans who believed

Im so proud of NEWS fandom!

Happy 7th Anniversary NEWS!
7 years and counting!!!

cant wait for NEWS LIVE LIVE LIVE Tokyo Dome concert!♥
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27 January 2010 @ 12:17 am
 Ahh, too many UNEXPECTED events happened this day.

It's like there are fireworks in my heart, not that im inlove but I really felt the "adrenaline rush"
As dates coming closer,As the news starts to flow.. I just can't help and don't know where should I be excited.
I don't want to loose this feeling. Im so thankful and happy about it but also afraid that it will crash me if I ever make a wrong move and have a regrettable mistake.

ahh, sorry for the random blog, but I really need to calm down myself, which I don't know how. >_<
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21 January 2010 @ 08:55 pm

Kei ->Shige (blueberry)
Massu -> Tegoshi(?) (Milk Cream)

I like the Koyashige flavor^^ Good for last bite :P
The Tegomass one isn't sweet but it was ok too^^

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